The result is in hand!

Phyris is a German professional cosmetics which is a mixture of natural compounds and innovative technologies.

We define the trends!

Phyris corporate network for researches and development is constantly renovating the manufacturing process as it includes the results of the latest scientifical studies and scientists, dermatologists, chemists and cosmeticians achievements.

With its innovative and highly- effective achievements, PHyris defines the trends in cosmetic development.

Phyris labs guarantee 100% safety. 

Phyris is manufactured in Germany in accordance with the highest standards of dermatological rules and demands. The Professional cosmetic is a mixture of natural compounds and innovative technologies which guarantee highly tolerance and efficiency.

Experts from German labs daily examine the individual needs of skin and high expectations of its look and condition.

Momentary and lasting results. Proved!

With its fine and gentle texture, Phyris turns the “skin care” ritual into irreplaceable pleasure for clients and the results are noticeable, momentary and lasting.

The real professional in skin care doesn’t compromise with quality. If you are a professional cosmetician and look for cosmetics which meet the highest dermatological standards- Phyris is the right choice!

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